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Payment of Fees

1. All fees are chargeable for full session basis, irrespective of the date of admission. However, for mid-session admission due to transfer cases, the concession will be given in Boarding fees only.
2. Fine on late Payment will be Rs. 10/- per day. If the dues are not paid on time in the specified month. The student’s name may be struck off from the schools rolls and may be restored only on paymentof all arrears along with Re-admission fee of Rs. 500/- at the discretion of the Principal.
3. All expenses incurred on extra activities, i.e. excursions, hobbies, adventurous activities, withdrawal of the child and school leaving certificate, fee will be charged extra.
4. Fee may be paid by cash/bank draft in favour of “ALPINE VALLEY BOARDING SCHOOL” payable at Faridabad/Delhi for which offical receipt will be isued by the cashier.
5. In case of Cheque/Draft, the date on which the amount is credited to the school account will be counted as the date of receipt. In order to avoid late payment charges, the cheques/draft should be deposited early so that they are credited by 10th of specified month. Out station cheques will not accepted.
6. Under no circumstances, fees once paid shall be refunded, except security.caution money, which will be refunded on production of original receipt only. So parents are requested to preserve the fee receipts.
7. Transportation charges will be extra as per slabs fixed by the school transport department on distance basis.
8. In case a child is to be withdrawn. two-month’s clear notice in advance is to be given to the Principal or two months fee in lieu of will be charged.
9. Medical expenses, Telephone Expenses, Property damaage etc. will be charged from Students personal need a/c. Only firstaid will be given to the student by the school andall charges will be debited to his account.
10. In case of very weak student, special tution may be arranged on extra payment in addition to regular fees.
11. Student’s personal items may be purchased or obtained by the parents from any other source also and not necessarity from school store.
12. Students personal need A/c is accountable, Parents are requested to deposit Rs. 2000/- in this account separately which will be used for Tours, personal items, toiletories, Barber, First Aid, Extra Milk, Martial Arts, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Horse Riding etc.
13. The school Management reserve its right to change the fee sturcture without any prior notice.
14. The fees should be deposited by parents latest by 10th of every month.

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