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Rules of Hostellers

1. In the event of failure to deposit the dues in time, the child will be sent back to his home and all expenses will debited to his account..
2. Hostel charges are to be deposited in advance as per schedule.
3. Late fee Rs. 20/- per day will be charged, if installment is not deposited in time.
4. All personal expenses incurred on the child regarding Extra Stationery, Medicines, Tour Expenses, will be debited to his fee a/c.
5. The parents are advised to pick an drop their wards between 10a.m. to 4 p.m. They are also advised to submit two names and escorting person, Otherwise the school will not responsible for any sort of impersonation.
6. Education tour is compulsory for all the hostellers & the charge will be credited to their accounted.
7. Guardians/Parents may come to meet their ward only with the permission of the principal on Sunday & Holiday. They should avoid frequent visits and are not allowed before once month after admission.
8. Hostel charges include lodging & boarding, Laundry with 2 nourishing vegetarian meals, breakfast, tea or Lemonade or milk at night or in breakfast.
9. Instructions in details are given to the boys residing in hostel and they are to abide by them strictly.
10. Parents/Guardians visiting their wards are invited to have meal/breakfast with their child,. Charges are debited to the personal a/c. of the child @ Rs. 40/- per meals and Rs. 25/- per breakfast.
11. Parents are supposed to take their child from the school at the time of long vacation.
12. If parents do not come to take their child on the specified date, children will be sent to their homes under escort. All expenses including TA & DA of the escort are chargeable and debited to his/her school fees a/c.
13. It has been observed that some parents do not pay any attention to the aliment of the child. They do not come to take the child suffering from infectious disease. In that case he will be sent ti his house and all expenses on this account will be debited to the personal account of the child.
Student suffering from infectious diseases such as chicken pox, cholera, measles, mumps, whooping – cough and jaundice must observe the prescribed period of quarantine. Parents are advised to pick up the wards, otherwise the school will send the wards to their homes and the expenses in this connection will be debited to their account.
14. A minimum balance of Rs. 2000/- is to be maintained in the personal Money a/c. of the child.
15. If a child is withdrawn from the hostel or is expelled on account of some default, no deposited money except security and personal balance, will be refunded. Refundable amount will only be paid in the last month of the year i.e. March.
16. Hostellers are allowed to visit town & the city bazaar. Only on Sundays of the month.
17. Home leaves to the hostellers are granted in very rare cases and that too only by the Principal. The guardian must come personally to take the child from the hostel.
18. Hostel facility is available for boys & Girls separately.
19. Hostellers are providing with a bedcot, a locker & bed sheets – blanket.
20. Hostellers can buy Big Iron Box for keeping their important things under the lock & key.
21. Students are not allowed to keep Mobile Phone or any Music System in the Hostel & this will he confiscated.
22. Some articles are supplied to the students for their recreation like sports items, TV, VCD, Table Tennis or Billiard Table. If any of them damages, he will be asked to put in order and deposit cost of its repair.
23. Water wastage should be avoided and the taps should be turned off using off after using them. Mischievous students will be punished if they play foul with the water supply system.
24. If a student plays truant from the school and manages to disappear from the school premises by clevemess, like jumping the school boundary, and gate etc. or by throwning dust into the eyes of the security guard, the school will not take responsibility.
25. Breakage of glass, electrical switches & others property of the school will be debited double the cost of the item and his name can also be stuck off from the school.
26. Use of foul language is strictly prohibited and parents are also advised to behave nicely with staff
27. Boarders are advised not to go out of school campus without exit slip. If any student goes out of scholl campus by crossing the Gali or Wall. The school management will not be responsible. However, proper security arrangements are available to keep Vigil on such activities
28. Loss of clothes & other items of boarders is the entire responsibility of the students. They are advised to keep their belonging in the lockers..
29. All expenditure on tour & exhibition will be bome by the student and will be deposited in advance.
30. Sports facility is available in the campus but the recurring expenses will be bome by the student who plays the games.
31. Computer lab is provided but charge for the same will be debitedto their account monthly
32. Water wastages by keeping the value open is Wastages of national resources. Students are advised to use water carefully..
33. Students are advised to keep the tap off to save water wastage as under ground is not fit for drinking.
34. Parents are advised to deposit the fee of their ward timely. If fee is not deposited in due month, the students will be sent back to his home and all expenses of travelling will be debited .
35. A gym has been installed for physical exercise of the student. They should use it carefully and no harm/damage is given to it..
36. The parents are advised to pick and drop their wards b/w 10 am to 4 pm. They are also advised to submit two photo of the escorting person otherwise the school will not be responsible for any sort of impersonation.

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