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Scheme of Examination

For Nur. & K.G. – Class V

Student of Nur. & K.G. – Class V will be assessed on their day by day performance. Only First Semester & 2nd Semester will be held for them in addition to assignment work. Value set is as per given below.
Assignment Work                  20%
Halfyearly Examination        30%
Annual Examination              50%


For Class VI – Class VIII

As per the instruction from C.B.S.E. the school is following grading system at middle and secondry school level.
The Nine point grading scale for measuring scholastic achievement is gievn below.

Grade    Marks Range     Grade Point
A1            91- 100                     10
A2            81- 90                        9
B1            71- 80                         8
B2            61- 70                         7
C1            51- 60                         6
C2            41- 50                         5
D              33- 40                         4
E1            21- 32                          3
E2            00- 20                         2

Note: E1 & E2 are non-qualifiying grades

All assessment with regard to the academic status of the students will be done in marks and the assessment will be given in grades.

Grading or Co-Scholastic areas will be done on 5 point acale as given below

Grade          Grade Points
A                  4.1 – 5.0
B                   3.1 – 4.0
C                   2.1 -3.0
D                   1.1 -2.0
E                      0 -1.0

Evaluation of Academic Subjects in classes VI – VIII

F.A – I                                    10%                                                          APRIL – MAY          F.A – + F. A – II = 20%
F.A – II                                  10%                                                        JULY – AUGUST
S.A – I     30%     SEPTEMBER     S.A – I = 30%

F.A – III     10%     OCT. – NOV.     F.A – III + F.A – IV = 20%
F.A – IV     10%     JAN. – FEB.
S.A – II     30%     MARCH     S.A – II = 30%
F.A – Formative Assessment
S.A – Summative Assessment
F.A -1 + F.A -II + F.A -III + F.A -IV =40%
S.A -1 + S.A -II =60%

Apart from Half Yearly (Summative I) and Final Examination (Summative II), there will be four formative assessments, two in each term.

The formattive assessments include the perforance in class interaction, Regularity, Peer Assessmentt, Presentation of Work, Unit Tests, Worksheets, Assessments, Math and Science Lab Activities, Projects, Models etc.

Dates and Details regarding formative assessments will be announced from time to time. Parents mustregularly check their wards for further information in this context.
Students will be assessed in scholastic as well as co-scholastic areas. Scholastic area includes assessment in academics. Co-scholastic areas include life skills, work education, visual and performing arts, attitudes and values, co-scholastic activities, health and physical education & Yoga.

Promotion will be based on the day to day work of the students throughtout the year and also on the performance in terminal examination.

Evaluation of Academic Subjects in classes IX – X
1. As per the instructions from C.B.S.E. the school is following grading system at secondry school level (IX and X). The nine point acore and their equivalent performance in percentage for measuring scholastic achievements are given below:

Grade     Marks Range     Grade Point
A1           91- 100                10
A2           81- 90                    9
B1           71- 80                     8
B2           61- 70                     7
C1           51- 60                     6
C2           41- 50                     5
D            33- 40                    4
E1           21- 32                     3
E2           00- 20                    2

Note : D, E1 & E2 are non-qualifying grades
1. [Minimum qualifing grades in all subjects under scholastic domain id D]

2. The student’s performance will be assessed using conventional method of numerial marking.

3. The grades will be awarded to indicate the subject wise performance.

4. Apart from Half Yearly (Summative-I) and Final Examination (Summative-II) there will be Four Formative Assessments (Two in Each Term).

5. Formative Assessment: The Formative Assessment oncludes performance in Unit Test, Class Interaction, Regularity and Presentation of work, Group Discussion, Quiz Assignment, Maths and Science Lab Activities. Projects, Role Plays etc.

Summative Assessment: The Summative Assessment is the terminal assessment of performance at the end of instruction. The Summative Assessment will be in the form of a pen-paper test conducted at the end of each term. i.e. half yearly and Final term Exam.
The final result will be calculated as per the following procedure.
First Term : FA1 (10%) + FA 2 (10%) + SA 1 (30%)

Second Term : FA 3 (10%) + FA 4 (10%) + SA 2 (30%)

FA 1 + FA 2 + FA 3 + FA 4 =40%,

SA 1 + SA 2 = 60%
6. It is a mandatory to appear in both summative assessments during the academic session.

7. Evalaution of Co-Scholastic Areas: In addition to the scholastic areas, co-scholastic areas like life skills, Attitudes and Values, Participation and Achievement in activities involving literary and Creative skills, Scientific Skills, Aesthetic Skills and Performance in Arta and Clubs as well as Health and Physical Education will be evaluated.

8. Details Regarding CCE card:

1 (A) –      Academic performance in Scholastic areas (Grading on 9 point scale)
1 (B) –      Includes work experience. An education, physical & health education
(Grading on 5 point scale)
2 (A) –      Life skills – includes thinking skills, social skills and emotional skills
(Grading on 5 point scale)
2 (B) –      Attitudes and Values
3 (A) –      Co-Scholastic activities
2 (B) –      Physical & Health Education
(Grading for 2(B), 3(A) and 3(B) will be done on 3 point scale)

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